Sugar Ray Robinson vs Roy Jones Jr.

During his reign at 160, Robinson lost to men with much less natural talent than Roy Jones, Jr. At 160, Jones possessed some of the fastest hands ever in the history of the division. While his power wasn’t as devastating at 160 as it was at Super Middleweight, Jones Jr. possessed the type of speed and overall skill to be a problem on the right night for just about anyone.

Robinson, however, doesn’t fall into the “just about” category. With the pressure on, Ray could produce the type of performance (even at 160) to leave the experts once again shaking their heads muttering, “Pound for pound,” when the smoke cleared.


Round 1
There’s electricity in the air tonight as the referee Carlos Berrocal sends Robinson and Jones back to their respective corners… we are moments away from one of the most anticipated fights of the past month of this tournament.

And there’s the bell!

Robinson and Jones meet in center ring. Ray goes to the body. That punch was caught on the arm by Roy Jones. Jones doubles up with the jab. The second one gets through! Robinson slips a right and scores with a straight left. Robinson strikes with a fast two punch combination and Jones misses with the counter!

They’re trading punches! Blazing speed on display by both fighters!

You can see the intensity in their eyes. Both men feinting and moving – looking for openings.

There’s the bell. That’ll do it for a very close opening round!


Round 2
Ray Robinson opens up the 2nd round with a hard, fast left to the head of Jones. Robinson can strike like a cobra at times… and so can Jones. A hard combination from Ray Robinson jolts Roy Jones! Jones fires back but Robinson was already out of range. You can see a little smile on Jones face. He felt those punches.

Robinson scores well with a combination to the body! Ray Robinson with a right to the head!

That’ll do it for the 2nd. Good round for Ray Robinson.

Neither fighter is marked. Each round is like a suspense novel right now… wondering how this one is going to play out.

We’ll be back for the 3rd in just a moment.


Round 3
Welcome to the 3rd… and Roy Jones snaps Robinson’s head back with a hard jab! Robinson misses with a hook and Jones connects with a uppercut that lands flush. Robinson smiles at Jones. He felt that one.

Jones rips Robinson to the body with a savage combination!! Oh! Another big right lands to the head! Robinson wobbles!!

Robinson fires back with a four-punch combination!!

The fans are roaring their approval! And there’s the bell to end the 3rd round.

If we look at that replay again… look at those punches to Robinson’s body! Roy Jones Jr. threw those punches with some bad intentions and I’m surprised Robinson didn’t at least drop to a knee after taking those thunderous shots!


Round 4
Roy Jones and Ray Robinson are starting to light it up out there. We’ve got a long way to go… but maybe not! We’re in the 4th. Roy with a cracking right hand!! Robinson seemed a little surprised by that last shot! Jones has the power to Robinson’s attention. We’ve established that, now.

Jones with a huge right hand!

Robinson counters with a left to the body. Robinson absorbed that punch without buckling somehow. He can’t keep taking that shots all night without getting into trouble, though!

Robinson goes to the body.

Roy Jones scores with a fast combination downstairs at the bell! Another good round for Jones.


Round 5

Roy Jones Jr. backs Robinson up with a blazing combination of punches to the head and body! It seems like Jones’ unnatural speed is giving Ray Robinson some problems! Jones rocks Robinson with a hard right hand and Robinson ties him up! Here comes Carlos Berrocal to separate them. He’s had hardly nothing to do tonight so far.

Robinson scores with a fast right hand over the top.

That punch wobbled Jones!! Robinson scores with a combination to the body! They exchange another blaze of leather and the crowd rises to their feet!! I can’t even hear myself talking… the sound is deafening!

Robinson rocks Jones with a left hook!

Jones with a booming right hand!

Robinson staggers back into the corner! He’s hurt! There’s the bell to end the 5th and Carlos Berrocal jumps between the fighters. Great, great round!


Round 6
Roy Jones blocks a right hand from Ray Robinson. Jones scores with a hard right hand – right on the button. You can feel the momentum once again shifting towards Jones as it has many times already for him in this tournament.

Robinson misses with a left. Both fighters have slowed the pace down noticeably this round. Robinson has taken a few big shots over the last few rounds, but there’s no visible damage.

Jones lands another booming left hook! Oh, that shot sent sweat flying from Robinson’s head into the third row!

Robinson’s looking for the openings, but he’s just not connecting.

That’ll do it for round 6.


Round 7

Robinson and Jones trade combinations. Nice way to open a round. Ray lands a left. Roy with a straight right hand. Roy takes a right hand high on the head. He was relaxing for the first time in this fight, letting his left hand drop below his waist and Robinson made him pay.

We’re just about at the midway point of this scheduled 15 rounder.

Roy scores to the body of Robinson with a hook. Ray Robinson returns fire – scoring well to the head.

They trade right hands at the bell!

A close round and difficult one to score.


Round 8

Roy Jones Jr. – stringing together a beautiful salvo of punches! Robinson takes them well… but Robinson must be falling behind on the scorecards by now. He’s needs to start stepping it up! Another hard combination scores for Roy Jones Jr. Robinson seems to have been taken out of his rhythm. You can hear the buzz around the arena… we may be seeing a huge upset here tonight!

Jones scores with a left at the bell!


Round 9

Robinson’s left eye is starting to swell noticeably! The camera went into his corner in between rounds and you could see the swelling. They’re out for the 9th! Jones lands a big hook that lands flush! Robinson scores with a right to the body.

Robinson lands a big right hand! Jones wobbles!! That punch hurt Roy Jones Jr.!!

Ray Robinson lands to the head and body! Ray Robinson’s got Roy Jones Jr. in trouble! Robinson scores with a combination! Robinson with another combination! He’s backed Jones into the corner!!

Ray Robinson lands a booming right hand at the bell! That was the best round, possibly in this fight, for Sugar Ray Robinson!


Round 10

Robinson’s out fast for the 10th. He fires several rockets into Jones’ midsection. Jones took them well. Jones turns Robinson’s head with a screaming left hook! Robinson digs in and blasts a left hand off the side of Jones’ rib cage! They’re letting it fly now!

Another combination scores from Robinson! Robinson finished up with a hook to the head! He rocked Jones with that hook! Robinson blasts Jones with two hard rights to the head!!

Jones catches Ray with a booming right hand as Ray was moving in!

They’re trading their biggest guns in ring center as the bell ends the 10th! Wow, they were shooting it out as the 10th round came to its end!


Round 11

We’re in the 11th. These are the championship rounds. Robinson is no stranger to 15 rounds. Roy Jones never had to go beyond the 12th during his career. But he looks to be in great shape. Robinson just rocked Jones with a hard right to the head!

Robinson scores with a hard right to the body!

Jones returns fire with a smoking combination to Robinson’s body!

Jones with another combination!!

Robinson hooks to the head.

Down goes Roy Jones, Jr!! That hook caught Jones flush on the chin and down he goes!

Wait… he’s getting right up!



Jones is back on his feet! He looks a little groggy and referee Carlos Berrocal is taking a long close look at Jones.

Okay, he’s going to let this one continue!

Here comes Robinson! Ray Robinson misses with a right hand. He scores with a combination downstairs… and there’s the bell!

Ray Robinson’s turning up the heat – here in the championship rounds.

Remember, this is the rounds scoring system being used in this tournament. There are no 2 point advantages coming to anyone for scoring a knockdown.

They’re working on Jones in the corner. You can see the swelling now appearing around his left eye. That was a big round for Ray Robinson. It’ll be interesting to see if he can turn this fight around.


Round 12

Both fighters seem tired as we’re underway in the 12th. Robinson and Jones are both dealing with swelling around their eyes. Jones lands first. Jones with a heavy combination downstairs. Those punches backed Robinson up. Ray lands a hook upstairs. Jones took it well. Jones scores with a right… Robinson scores with a right hand of his own.

They tie up along the ropes. Carlos Berrocal comes and separates them.

They’re both moving slow. And they clinch again. No boos coming from the crowd, though. Robinson and Jones are keeping the fans on the edge of their seats tonight!

That’ll do it for the 12th!


Round 13

Jones and Robinson are both dealing with noticeable swelling around their left eyes round thirteen gets underway. Roy Jones scores to the body. Robinson scores with a right hand to the head. Jones scores with an uppercut, Robinson counters with a straight left!

Roy Jones nails Ray with a booming hook! Jones with another left to the body! Robinson lands a right hand upstairs!

The bell ends the 13th, and they’re standing toe-to-toe as the round ends! I’d give that round to Roy Jones. There are only two rounds left. The winner of this fight moves to the finals. It’s all on the line with only six minutes remaining!


Round 14

Robinson and Jones are out fast for the 14th round. They exchange right hands. Nice clean punches, no clear advantage to either fight. Jones lands a nice right hand from the outside. They’re circling one another.

Robinson steps in with a hard right hand to the body. Jones counters upstairs with a combination… Robinson counters Jones counters with a blazing hook, uppercut!

The crowd’s mesmerized by the skills of these two fighters!! Jones scores with a hard right to the head of Robinson!

Robinson scores with a hard left to the head of Jones! Everyone’s on their feet cheering wildly as Robinson and Jones bring down the house!!

There’s the bell and that’ll do it for the 14th round. Only one round remaining… and you’ve gotta wonder how the judges have been scoring this fight. Robinson may be behind and the whole fight could be riding on the final round for these two fighters!


Round 15

Carlos Berrocal has Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones Jr. touch gloves in ring center for this – the 15th and final round of their amazing matchup tonight!

Roy Jones lands a hard right cross! That shot wobbles Robinson momentarily! Robinson scores with a left to the midsection. Roy Jones rips Robinson’s head back with a booming uppercut! Jones scores with a hard right to Robinson’s head! Roy Jones is bringing on the pain in the 15th and final round!

Ray Robinson slips a hook and snaps Jones’ head back with a hard uppercut on the inside! Robinson blasts a blur of punches off Jones’ body!!

Jones nails Roy Jones with a hard hook to the head. The crowd’s on its feet for the final shootout of the night!!

Robinson nails Jones with a big left hook on the chin!
Robinson with another hook!

Robinson with another!!!
Jones is hurt!! Jones is hurt!!

Robinson rips Jones with a huge right hand to the head! Jones staggers back against the ropes! Robinson scores with a combination! Robinson scores with another combination! Robinson is raining punch after punch after punch down up Jones!!
Jones hands are coming down! Robinson rips into Jones with a left… two rights, another left… Robinson with an uppercut!! Jones can no longer defend himself!! Robinson lands punch after punch after punch!!

That’s it!!

Berrocal jumps in as Jones is out on his feet!! Two seconds left in the round and Sugar Ray Robinson has stopped Roy Jones Jr. in the 15th and final round!

2 Responses to “Sugar Ray Robinson vs Roy Jones Jr.”

  1. Tony Miller says:

    A great fight and a great read! Keep them coming.

  2. Greg Gorecky says:

    A terrific fight. I can’t see Jones actually lasting that long with Sugar Ray, as the talent level of the fighters that Jones has faced pales in comparison to that of Robinson.

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