Precision Punch

By Joe Torcello –

Keeping elbows inside the box!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try a new product called the, “Precision Punch Strike Trainer.” I’m going to borrow a quote directly from their website because it perfectly describes what this product does –

“Precision Punch Strike Trainer is the world’s first and only personal striking trainer that trains perfect punching technique by restricting the elbows from coming outside the box.”

Whether you’re swinging a golf club, serving a tennis ball, or attempting to deliver a fight-ending right cross, proper form or technique is crucial to the end result. Precision Punch helps you develop and in many cases – correct your overall punching technique

The complete product package is shipped with paper instructions and a DVD instructional video. Also, you can watch multiple instructional videos located on their website at –

Personally, I always prefer video instructions to go along with the text so I can actually “see” what they’re doing and exactly how they’re doing it.

The Precision Punch harness belts are adjustable and can be used by individuals of every size. They’ve been designed to help develop boxing technique and can be adjusted for mixed martial arts training as well.

This is where the videos really come in handy. I followed along with the video instructions on the website to make sure I was setting up and adjusting the Precision Punch harness correctly. After I properly connected the harness, I followed along with the DVD instructions included in the package.

The DVD is excellent. The punching techniques, taught by Orlando Rivera (5-Time Kickboxing Champion), are clear, concise and get right to the point. River demonstrates and explains the mechanics of a jab, cross, hook and uppercut, very slowly, wearing the Precision Punch harness. This makes it exceptionally easy for anyone to follow along. The video teaches you how to properly execute each punch and demonstrates how Precision Punch helps you through the process.

If you’re a boxing fan, you’ve heard the advice of having your hands held high and your elbows tucked in many times before.  The Precision Punch helps in this area as well. As your arm extends in delivering a punch, the strap resistance reminds you to return your elbows and hands to your defensive position. This helps in the development of muscle memory. Keeping the elbows close to the body in what some people call “the box” also helps you maintain a tighter guard to protect your body and head as well as improving your balance and punching accuracy.

Julio Caesar Chavez is an excellent example of a fighter who used his arms, elbows and hands to catch, deflect and parry punches.

Your shoulders, hips, stance and technique all come together to form what you might call, “The Perfect Punch.” If you’re ready to practice and learn how to throw the perfect punch yourself, I highly suggest investing in a Precision Punch!

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