Dream Fight: Victor Galindez vs John Conteh

Computer Simulation by Greg Gorecky

This bout is long overdue, as Conteh and Galindez were the top two contenders following the retirement of Bob Foster, but due to the infinite wisdom of WBA President Elias Cordoba and  WBC President Jose Sulaiman the tiles were split in half with Conteh fighting Jorge Ahumada for the vacant WBC belt, and Galindez taking on Len “Stinger” Hutchins for the WBA belt.

Conteh emerged victorious by a split decision at Empire Pool in London while Galindez won the WBA belt by a 13th round TKO of Hutchins at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires. Conteh defended his title twice with victories over Lonnie Bennett and Alvaro” Yaqui” Lopez while Galindez had defended his title 5 times with victories over Pierre Fourie twice, and Jorge Ahumada, Harald Skog and he scored a knockout of Richie Kates with one second remaining in the 15th and final round to close out 1976.

Galindez enters the ring tonight a slight 3-2 favorite, but there should be plenty of support for both fighters, as a large contingent of fans have flown over from the U.K in support of Conteh, and their is a large Hispanic community in New York which should for the most part be pulling for Galindez.



Madison Square Garden was buzzing with anticipation for the unification bout between WBA Champion Victor Galindez and WBC Champion John Conteh. The Garden was chosen as the venue when a site could not be agreed upon by the two champions, and in the days leading up to the fight their was a great deal of tension between the two camps.

Galindez won the coin toss, and therefore Conteh entered the ring first accompanied by his trainer George Francis and Francis was seconded by Brendan Ingle. Galindez was next to enter the ring, and he was led to the ring by trainer Amilcar Brusa, and cutman Miguel Diaz. Conteh enters the ring with a record of 29-1 with 20 KO’s while Galindez sports a record of 44- 6 with 29 KO’s.

Round 1

Conteh comes out fast  and meets Galindez in center ring, and Galindez lands on the inside, and Conteh responds with a left hook. Conteh then scores with a flurry of punches before Galindez responds with an uppercut to the chin, and
Conteh then lands a hook followed by an uppercut to the chin, and their is a slight bit of swelling under Galindez right eye as we come to the bell.

Round 2

Galindez scores with a left hook as we begin the second round, and Conteh responds with right hook, as Galindez scores with a jab, and Galindez gets inside and scores well to the body, and as Galindez scores with a flurry on the inside a slight bit of swelling begins to form under Conteh’s right eye, and as we come to the bell Galindez scores with a huge uppercut, and the cornermen will be busy between rounds.

Round 3

The action slowed in round three, as Conteh stayed primarily on the outside and scored with the jab, and the crowd were not pleased as the round ended.

Round 4

The first half of round four was very slow in developing, and the crowd was letting the fighters know, and then in the final minute of the round Conteh scored with a combination, and capped it off with a good uppercut as we came to the bell.

Round 5

Round five once again began slowly before Conteh really opened up in the second half of the round scoring with combinations, and uppercuts, as he continued to outfight Galindez on the inside. Galindez returned to his corner with further swelling around the right eye.

Round 6

Miguel Diaz did an excellent job on Galindez eye between rounds, and he traded punches with Conteh along the ropes, as Victor tried to draw him into his game, and Galindez scored with a big hook followed by a combination of punches along the ropes, as they exchanged in center ring, but Galindez followed it up with a combination before the bell, and Conteh’s eye showed more signs of swelling at the bell.

Round 7

Conteh appears to have recovered from the Galindez onslaught in the last round, and Amilcar Brusa was urging Galindez to go forward. Conteh is really finding a home for the right cross thus far in the fight, as he scores with a pair followed by a stiff jab, and Galindez responds with a left hook to the body followed by a jab. Galindez closes the round strong as he out-slugs Conteh in close.

Round 8

Round eight was the best round if the fight thus far as both fighters stood toe to toe, and slugged it out, as Conteh scored well on the inside in the early going, and Galindez responded with a strong right cross to the head, and Conteh scored with an uppercut, and Galindez responds in kind, and Conteh was stunned. Conteh continues to work on the inside, and Galindez scores again with a left hook to the body. Conteh scores with an uppercut to the head of Galindez, and follows it up with a combination as we come to the bell, as both fighters go to their corners with increased swelling. The crowd is on their feet.

Round 9

The action slowed in round 9, as both fighters appeared to be taking the round off, but Galindez was warned for using his shoulder by Luis Guzman as the bell rang.

Round 10

Conteh really picked up the pace in the tenth round, and scored well to both the body and head of Galindez, and he appeared to be taking control, as Galindez tried to muscle inside Conteh fired a quick combination, and Galindez eye was quickly becoming a serious problem.

Round 11

George Francis was in Conteh’s face between rounds, and he is up and ready as we begin round 11, and Conteh scores with a wicked combination, and it appears Galindez has been cut, and it looks nasty, and Guzman steps in and calls a halt to bring him to the doctor, and Dr. Bernhard Schwartz is letting it go. As the fighters come together Galindez scores with a terrific left hook and Conteh is down, and Guzman picks up the count







Conteh struggles to regain his feet, and finally rises at the count of eight, and their is still plenty of time remaining in the round as Galindez moves in for the finish and goes hard to the body with a combination, and Conteh appears to be running out of gas, and Galindez lands a right to the body, and Conteh holds on. Conteh moves slowly back to his corner at the bell.

Round 12

Conteh comes out quickly to begin round twelve showing no ill effects of the knockdown in the previous round, and Conteh lands a combination to the head and body. Both fighters trade punches in the center of the ring, and Conteh comes out on top.

Galindez responds with an overhand right, and they trade again in ring center, and once again Conteh comes out on top.

Round 13

As we enter the last three rounds it’s anybody’s fight, and Conteh comes out firing scoring repeatedly with hooks and combinations, and roars to a big lead in the round before Galindez returns some fire with a big left hook.  Conteh closes strong with a big left hook of his own at the bell. Big round for Conteh.

Round 14

George Francis was in Conteh’s face between rounds, and he seems ready to go here in round 14, as Galindez scores with a hook to the body, and then rips an uppercut inside followed by a solid combination, and Conteh’s eye is swelling very badly at this point, as Galindez continues to come on, and lands a wicked combination, and suddenly Conteh lands a vicious right cross that has Galindez holding on, and as the bell rings Guzman has to separate the two fighters.

Round 15

The fighters touch gloves in ring center, and Amilcar Brusa was really shouting at Galindez between rounds.  As they move inside Galindez lands a booming uppercut, and down goes Conteh, and Guzman picks up the count……..




…..and Conteh rises on unsteady legs, and Galindez moves inside and scores with  left hook to the body, and Galindez has a reputation as a good finisher, as he scores with another hook, and Conteh walks into a big right hand and down he goes…..

and Guzman begins the count…










10………and Conteh has been stopped here in the final round of a great fight.

and the winner by a knockout at 1:25 of the final round is Victor Galindez….

– The Boxing Magazine: July 2009


Title Bout Championship Boxing Computer Simulation

The program used to simulate The Boxing Magazine.com  dream fights runs in compiled basic.  It consists of several thousand lines of code and over two-dozen routines and sub-routines – cross checking factors such as, ring position, the fighter’s physical condition, accumulated damage, status of cuts and any special strategies that may be employed.  Almost 100 variables are constantly monitored during a given fight.

3 Responses to “Dream Fight: Victor Galindez vs John Conteh”

  1. Mike Hanson says:

    Good stuff Greg … I can still remember when Marvin Johnson stopped Galindez back in 79

  2. Cap says:

    Well done. Shame an outdated boxing sim is the only way to “see” real boxing anymore. I refuse to lay out good money for PPV and the old stuff we get on cable is puke. I just can’t get excited about watching two tiny guys named Garcia buzzing around each other. Boxing is on life-support and they’re calling in the chaplin to give the last rites.

  3. Lee Wykes says:

    Really enjoyed it. Conteh is a fighter that has never got his full respect even here in the UK. I remember his fights with Matt Franklin and the ‘glue’ Franklin’s corner used to hold his eye together. Would like to see Conteh Vs Freddie Mills or Joe Calzaghe.

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