Dream Fight: Thomas Hearns vs. Mike McCallum

By Greg “Stats” Gorecky.

This fight came about after intense negotiations.  These two fighters were once stablemates at the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit Michigan.  After getting very little recognition McCallum asked Emanuel Steward if he could fight Thomas Hearns, and Steward said, “Absolutely not.” So having no other alternative, as he was getting very little push at Kronk, McCallum decided to leave.

McCallum joined Main Events and the Duva stable of fighters, and with that his career began to take shape. Hearns, meanwhile, won the WBA Welterweight Title with a devastating knockout of Pipino Cuevas.  He then made a few title defenses prior to his mega-fight with Ray Leonard, losing by 14th round TKO after a great battle.

McCallum won the WBA Junior Middleweight Title against Sean Mannion.  Hearns then rose in weight and took the WBC Crown from the brilliant Wilfred Benitez.

This fight will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with the winner most likely moving up in weight to challenge Middleweight Champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

McCallum is the first to enter the ring accompanied by his trainer Lou Duva, and his cutman Ace Marotta, and Hearns soon follows accompanied by his trainer Emanual Steward, as well as his cutman Ralph Citro.

After introductions from Jimmy Lennon Jr., the seconds clear the ring and the bell sounds for the opening round!


Round 1

Both fighters leave their corners, and quickly engage with McCallum landing a right cross that didn’t have much on it, but he follows it up with a great uppercut that has Hearns holding on. McCallum then scores with a combination and ends with a huge uppercut.  Hearns is hurt!

McCallum continues to pour it on, as he scores with another combination that shakes Hearns. Hearns must get it together or risk getting blown out in the opening round. McCallum scores again with a big right hand. Hearns finally scores with a right lead to back McCallum off, but McCallum comes back with a combination.  Tommy scores with jab before the bell.

Huge round for McCallum.  Emanual Steward really has some work to do between rounds, if Hearns is going to stay in this fight.


Round 2

The crowd is on their feet at the start of round two and Hearns scores with a great left hook to open the round, looking to recover from the battering he took in the opening round. He continues to press forward, scoring with the jab, and then lands a tremendous right cross.  McCallum looks unsteady! Hearns follows up with a great left hook to the body, and then scores with a combination.  McCallum scores inside with an uppercut which lands just above the beltline as we come to the bell. Big round for Hearns!


Round 3

The bell sounds for round three, and McCallum scores with an uppercut on the inside. Hearns is trapped along the ropes and spins away.  They exchange punches in ring center.  Hearns seemed to have gotten the better of the exchange.  He scores with a left hook to the head followed by a crushing right cross, and McCallum backs away. McCallum fires a big right hand and just misses.  Hearns lands a right to the head.  Hearns beats McCallum to the punch, scoring with a combination.  McCallum lands a wicked shot to the body at the bell. There appears to be some swelling below the right eye of McCallum.


Round 4

The action finally slowed down in the early moments of the round, as both fighters looked to catch their breath after a fast paced, opening three rounds.

McCallum digs hard to the body with both hands.  He’s trying to slow Hearns down after two very good rounds. Hearns moves to the middle of the ring where McCallum scores with a great combination and for only the second time in the fight, Carlos Berrocal calls for a break.

Hearns then scores with a terrific body shot of his own and McCallum looks a bit unsteady.  As the seconds tick down, McCallum has some swelling that will have to be dealt with by Ace Marotta in between rounds.


Round 5

The first half of round five was quite even as both fighters scored well to the body and head, but as we begin the final minute of round five, Hearns scores with a vicious combination to the body, capping it off with a wicked uppercut to the chin of McCallum!

Hearns then goes back to the body with a hook.  Thomas Hearns is known as a great finisher, but the round is coming to a close. Big round for Hearns.  There is also increased swelling around the eye of Mike McCallum.


Round 6

The swelling that began in round three is becoming a concern as Ace Marotta worked feverishly in the corner between rounds. Lou Duva implored McCallum to pick it up – as he is being outworked by Hearns.  In the early going of round six, however, it’s Hearns who continues to press forward, scoring with a combination that stuns McCallum.

McCallum scores with a jab, but takes a devastating cross in return from Hearns.  Hearns goes to the body with both hands.  He seems to be beating McCallum at his own game.  Hearns continues to land the jab and the swelling increases under the right eye of McCallum.

Mike comes back with a combination to the head, and Hearns is stunned!  He then goes to the body and scores well. McCallum seems to be coming on, landing a wicked right cross that has Hearns’ legs looking wobbly at the bell.


Round 7

Hearns starts fast as we begin round seven.  He scores well to the body and head with a nice combination and then follows with a good jab.  Hearns scores again with a combination, as McCallum tries to get something going.  He finally scores with a big right hand and Hearns is stunned!  But Hearns doubles up on the hook to the head of McCallum that sends McCallum to the ropes where he tries to hang on!

McCallum spins away from the ropes and scores with a combination that now has Hearns holding on!  McCallum drills Hearns with an uppercut. Both fighters dig hard to the body on the inside and at the bell Hearns misses with a hook while McCallum’s counter hook lands.


Round 8

Round eight started slowly.  The action begins to pick up about a minute in as McCallum throws a combination.  At least one punch got through.  He follows it up with a straight right hand that scores well….

Hearns responds with a triple jab that scores.  McCallum lands a great left hook to the jaw that staggers Hearns and digs hard to the body with a terrific combination.

McCallum scores with a big left hook that lands flush and Hearns retreats with McCallum in pursuit.  Mike McCallum lands a vicious right cross that sends Hearns reeling and then he scores with another right hand.  Berrocal is looking closely to step in.  The bell sounds to end round eight. McCallum had a huge round and almost ended the fight!


Round 9

The fighters come together for round nine.  The action is slow in the early going as McCallum scores with a glancing blow.  Hearns lands a big left hook and then both fighters trade three punch combinations.  As we move into the final minute of round nine, both fighters continue to score with combinations as they trade evenly before the bell.


Round 10

Hearns comes out fast for round ten and scores with a vicious uppercut. McCallum ties him up inside forcing Berrocal to call for a break.  Hearns continues to come forward. McCallum misses with a wild right and Hearns counters with a left hook to the body that causes McCallum to wince.  Both fighters are beginning to breath heavy.  Hearns lands another left hook followed by a right cross!  He is having a big round.  As we move into the final few seconds of round ten Hearns scores again with a tremendous uppercut and McCallum holds on.  Berrocal breaks them at the bell.

Hearns dominated that round, and McCallum’s right eye is becoming a major concern, as Ace Marotta once again continues to try and control the swelling.


Round 11

Hearns appears to be in pretty good shape as we begin round eleven, and McCallum’s corner really worked on the swelling under the right eye between rounds. Hearns lands a jab to begin the round.  He tries to keep McCallum at bay.  As we approach the one minute mark of the round Hearns lands a big right hand flush on McCallum’s chin that turns his legs turn to jelly!  He quickly responds with a hard combination to the head of Hearns and follows up with a left hook off the head of Hearns.

Hearns retaliates with a left hook, but takes a vicious right cross in return that staggers him! The fighters exchange in the middle of the ring and McCallum seems to come out on top. The action finally slows in the final moments of the round.


Round 12

Emanuel Steward implores Hearns to stay busy as we enter round twelve.  The swelling is still a problem in McCallum’s corner.  Hearns starts the twelfth – scoring well to the body and head. McCallum responds with a hook, but Hearns comes right back with a big right hand.  McCallum lands a hard combination from McCallum.  The swelling around his eye continues to increase.  Hearns snaps McCallum’s head back with a hard hook at the bell. Big round for Hearns.


Round 13

As we enter the championship rounds it’s anyone’s fight.  McCallum lands a three punch combination followed by another before Hearns responds with an uppercut.  They trade punches in ring center.  Halfway through the round, Hearns is hurt by a tremendous left hook.  McCallum follows with a combination to the body hurts Hearns.  McCallum takes a hard right hand but answers with a wicked uppercut and Hearns staggers before dropped to the canvas.  Berrocal picks up the count.


Hearns is up, but is badly hurt, as the bell rings.

Steward and Citro go to work in the corner between rounds to revive Hearns with two rounds to go – here in a terrific fight.


Round 14

As round fourteen begins, it appears the corner of McCallum has the swelling under control, at least for the moment.  McCallum absorbs a hard combination from Hearns and scores with a follow-up uppercut, as we come to the midway point of round fourteen.  McCallum comes back with a crippling right hand to the head of Hearns and again, Hearns is in trouble! McCallum lands the jab and takes a vicious right hand from Hearns in return.  McCallum’s eye is swelling badly again as we come to the bell.


Round 15

The fight is still up for grabs, as we enter the final round.  Ace Marotta did a good job on the right eye of McCallum between rounds.  Both fighters look tired.  The action has slowed noticeably as very little is happening.  Hearns lands a jab to the body of McCallum and follows it up with a triple jab.  McCallum responds with a jab of his own.  One minute of the fight….., and McCallum lands a huge right cross, and down goes Hearns…….






Hearns is up, and there is the bell!

This fight will go to the scorecards………

Let go up to the ring, and Jimmy Lennon Jr

Ladies and Gentlemen we have your decision…….

Gwen Adair scores the fight …………………………….. 143-141

Juan Manuel Garcia Reyes scores the fight…………. 143-141

Albert Wilensky scores the fight…………………………. 143-141

For The Winner, and Undisputed Junior Middleweight Champion of the World






Mike “The Bodysnatcher” McCallum


Title Bout Championship Boxing Computer Simulation

The program used to simulate The Boxing Magazine.com  dream fights runs in compiled basic.  It consists of several thousand lines of code and over two-dozen routines and sub-routines – cross checking factors such as, ring position, the fighter’s physical condition, accumulated damage, status of cuts and any special strategies that may be employed.  Almost 100 variables are constantly monitored during a given fight.

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  1. Irish Joe O'Rourke says:

    Hey Greg, Great discription of action. I especially liked rounds 6,7and eight.Looking forward to more of these kinds of articles.Man it was so descriptive I literally got lost in the action. have to admit I didn’t think hearns was going to go down in the end !

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