Dream Fight: Thomas Hearns vs. Bob Fitzsimmons

Thomas Hearns vs. Bob Fitzsimmons

Bob Fitzsimmons
Bob Fitzsimmons defeated Jim Corbett for the Heavyweight Championship of the World on March 16, 1897.  Fitzsimmons was possibly the hardest punching Middleweight Champion of All-Time.  Finally, at the advanced at of 41, Bob Fitzsimmons captured the Light Heavyweight title as well, becoming Boxing’s first triple Champion.  Fitzsimmons stood just under 6 feet tall, with a reach of 71 ¾ inches.

Thomas Hearns
Thomas “The Hit Man” Hearns was one of the hardest punching Welterweight and Jr. Middleweight Champions of All-Time.  He carried his power all the way up to Light Heavyweight, even when he was slightly past his peak.  The Hearns right cross was amongst the most devastating single punches in the history of the sport.  Hearns was also an outstanding boxer who had the ability to outbox one of the greatest pure boxers of All-Time, Wilfred Benitez.  Hearns stands 6’ 1” with a 78” reach.

How They Match Up

Hearns would come into this matchup with a slight edge in height and a 6 ¼ inch reach.  Should Hearns choose to jab and move, he should be able to build an early points lead just by boxing Fitzsimmons.  Fitzsimmons, on the other hand, found his way to the inside against a master boxer in Jim Corbett.  Once he did, the results are now part of boxing lore.  The main question is, can Bob Fitzsimmons handle Hearn’s power?  If he can, he’ll more than likely be able to overpower Hearns eventually… he’ll just have to weather a few storms to get to that point.

Both fighters were called “Freaks of Nature” during their primes.  Despite their tall, thin physiques,  both were able to generate absolutely ferocious knockout power.  Seeing either man walking down the street, neither man had the “look” of a fighter.  Some of their early career opponents probably thought the same thing – until they got hit!

They were not only fighters, they were great fighters!

All of the statistics on both fighters are in the computer and we are ready to get this computer simulate battle underway.

The Fight

The fighters are in their corners and the seconds are beginning to exit the ring. The third man in the ring tonight will be Hall of Fame referee, Arthur Mercante Sr.

We’re almost ready for the opening bell. Keep in mind, when you have two fighters like Fitzsimmons and Hearns who can uproots trees with their power punches… this fight could very well end either way with a single shot – at any time. Even in the opening round!

Round 1
There’s the bell and Fitzsimmons-Hearns is underway! Fitz meets Hearns in ring center. Fitzsimmons smiling… Hearns all business. Tommy missing with a big right hand! Fitzsimmons practically fell to the floor with a huge counter hook that missed by a foot or more! Forget the feeling out process – these two are here looking to turn out the lights! A hard hook to the body from Hearns! Hearns scores with a glancing uppercut.

They trade right hands. Nothing much – Hearns with a booming right hand!!

Fitz staggers! He took the Hearn’s right and staggers back to the ropes! Hearns bombing Fitzsimmons along the ropes with another combination! Fitz spins around and shuffles back to ring center. Fitz leaps forward and lands a combination to Hearns’ head! Hearns staggers! Fitzsimmons with a hook to the body and a right to the head! Hearns staggers back against the turnbuckle!  Tommy straights up Fitzsimmons with a huge uppercut. Fitzsimmons almost goes down! His legs bend like pipe cleaners and his right glove just missed coming in contact with the canvas. Hearns scores with a left… a right… another big left!! There’s the bell and the crowd’s on its feet!

Round 2
The fans are screaming for more – and here come the fighters to ring center as the bell gets round two underway.

Hearns fires a left-right combination. Fitz slipped the punches well. Fitzsimmons explodes a hook of the side of Hearn’s head! That was a hard shot that Hearns took fairly well, his knees buckling ever so slightly. Thomas Hearns with a BOOMING right to the head! Fitz’s eyes look a little glazed… he’s moving back towards the ropes! Fitz scores with a left to the head of Hearns as Hearns advances.

Now it’s Tommy Hearns working the jab. Good solid jab from Hearns. He’s doubling up on it…. trying to set something else up.

Tommy Hearns scores with several hard hooks to the body. Hearns with a hard uppercut! That punch rocked Fitzsimmons!

Bob Fitzsimmons ties up Hearns and here comes Arthur Mercante to separate them.
And there’s the bell! Good round for Tommy Hearns!

Round 3
Hearns and Fitzsimmons exchange “normal” punches as the third round gets underway. Fitz’s doubles Hearns over with an axing hook to the midsection! Look at the expression on Bob Fitzsimmons face. He’s grinning as he walking Hearns down into the corner! Fitzsimmons knife’s a double hook into Hearns’ body! Hearns with another booming right hand! They’re wresting around on the inside, exchanging short punches in close.

Fitzsimmons lands a big overhead right that catches Hearns flush!

A right cross from Fitzsimmons rocks Hearns! Hearns with a booming uppercut! Fitz staggers badly!

What a fight!

And there’s the bell! Manny Steward and Fitz’s corner men both rush out to guide their fighters back to their corners. The crowd has been on its feet since the opening round!

Round 4
Fitzsimmons is standing in the corner waving on Thomas Hearns to bring it on and we’ve got a war at the shore. There’s the bell and Hearns races across the ring. Hearns didn’t commit to anything in that sequence. Hearns with right – Fitz with a counter right. Both punches missed. Both fighters positioning themselves. It’s like a game of chess with exploding pieces out there.

Fitz hooks off a Hearns right hand! That shot staggered Tommy Hearns! Tommy’s hurt! Fitzsimmons lands a combination to the body and misses with a right hand over the top! Hearns ties Fitzsimmons up! Here’s comes Mercante. He hasn’t had much work to do out there… except maybe being ready to dial 911 at any moment for either fighter!

Hearns digs a sledgehammer hook into Fitzsimmons’ side! Fitz bangs Hearns to the head with a nice hook!

Tommy’s left eye is starting to swell! Hearns with a combination. That last shot froze Fitzsimmons momentarily. Hearns with another combination! Fitzsimmons backs away.

There’s the bell! Both fighters nod to one another and slowly return to their corners. This is an absolutely torrid pace! Something’s gotta give. The body can only take so many punches before “cashing out.”

Round 5
Both fighters are out for more of the same as round five is underway. Nice right to the head from Fitzsimmons. Hearns staggers! Hearns’ is hurt!! Fitzsimmons pawing with the left hand follows Hearns to the ropes. Fitz with a hard combination to the body! Hearns ties up Fitzsimmons. Fitz punches his way out… Fitz with several hard shots to the head!!

Down goes Hearns!!

That last flurry of punches drop Tommy to the seat of his pants along the ropes!

Hearns looks glassy-eyed!





Hearns scrambles up to one knee! He has one hand on the ropes!

That last flurry of punches drop Tommy to the seat of his pants along the ropes!




Hearns is up at 7! Referee Arthur Mercante taking a long look at Tommy Hearns. Hearns raises both gloves and steps towards Mercante to indicate that he’s okay.

Mercante’s going to let this one continue! Hearns is waving Fitzsimmons towards him!

Thomas Hearns looks as shaky and unsteady as a midget on stilts out there!

Fitzsimmons bangs Hearns to the body! Fitzsimmons teeing off on Hearns’ head! Tommy’s not defending himself! A double uppercut from Bob Fitzsimmons and Hearns is ready to go! The crowd’s screaming a deafening roar and

Bob Fitzsimmons with A BIG RIGHT HAND!!

Oh!! Hearns stiffens and crumbles in a heap of twisted arms, legs and trunks!! Mercante’s picking up the count…









This one’s all over! What a fight! What a finish! A power surge from Bob Fitzsimmons results in a lights-out, power outage for Thomas Hearns.

The official time is going to be 2:02 of round number 5.

A great win for Bob Fitzsimmons!


Title Bout Championship Boxing Computer Simulation

The program used to simulate The Boxing Magazine.com  dream fights runs in compiled basic.  It consists of several thousand lines of code and over two-dozen routines and sub-routines – cross checking factors such as, ring position, the fighter’s physical condition, accumulated damage, status of cuts and any special strategies that may be employed.  Almost 100 variables are constantly monitored during a given fight.

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  1. Greg Gorecky says:

    Terrific fight, as Fitzsimmons overcomes the height and reach of Hearns with his superior power at this weight.

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