Dream Fight: Julian Jackson vs. Tony Ayala, Jr.

By Greg “Stats” Gorecky.

This is a greatly anticipated fight between two great sluggers Julian Jackson and Tony Ayala Jr, and the two combatants have a healthy dislike for each other.

Following intense negotiations the two camps agreed upon Comiskey Park for the site of the fight. Jackson will be defending his title for the fifth time.

As the fighters head for the ring Ayala is wearing white trunks with “El Torito” emblazoned on the waistband.  He is accompanied by his trainer Lou Duva as well as his cutman Joe Souza. After a slight delay Jackson heads to the ring. He’s wearing gold trunks with “The Hawk” printed on the front.  He’s followed by trainer Richie Giachetti and cutman Ralph Citro.

Following the introductions of ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr, and following the final instructions of referee Pat Russell the fighters returned to their corners to await the bell.


Round 1

The fighters meet at ring center and Jackson fires a combination that lands. Ayala is already looking to hang on as he was stunned by Jackson. The crowd’s buzzing already… Ayala recoups and fires back with a hard right cross. Jackson motions for Ayala to bring it on. Ayala moves in and is nailed by a tremendous left hook! He tastes the canvas here in the opening minute…

Russell begins the count…….



…Ayala rises at the count of three, but appears shaky. Jackson approaches cautiously and lands a hard right cross.

The fighters circle each other and Jackson scores with another right hook. Ayala responds with a left hand. Jackson scores with a left hook as we come to the bell!  The crowd is on their feet!


Round 2

Ayala appears to have recovered from the knockdown in round 1 and comes out quickly at the bell. He scores with a combination to the head of the champion in the opening moments and follows it up with a combination to the body of Jackson. Jackson attempts to move in behind the jab. He scores with a solid jab which opens a cut on the nose of Ayala! Jackson then scores with a vicious right hand on the chin of Ayala!  Ayala counters with a hard combination in return!

Jackson once again moves in behind the jab and scores well to the head. Both fighters exchange evenly as we come to the bell at the end of round 2!


Round 3

Lou Duva is screaming at Ayala to work the body as Joe Souza works on the cut between rounds.

The round opens with both fighters meeting at ring center. Jackson fires a combination to the head and body of Ayala. Jackson follows with an uppercut to the head that brings blood from the nose of Ayala once again! Ayala backs away. Ayala is pinned in his own corner as Jackson lands a huge left hand.  Ayala fires back with a vicious right cross that staggers Jackson and he clinches. Russell moves in and breaks the clinch and as they move away Ayala lands the jab. Jackson closes the round with a right hand to the body as we come to the bell.


Round 4

Richie Giachetti was quite animated in the corner of Jackson between rounds and Jackson was listening intently. Joe Souza did a nice job on the nose of Ayala between rounds as the bell goes for round 4.

Ayala lands a booming right hand to the head of Jackson!  Jackson lands a solid uppercut.  He’s hurt! Ayala staggers away! Russell callls a halt to the action to consult with the ringside doctor…….and doctor Alexander Robbins takes a long look at Ayala’s nose and is going to let it go.

Jackson moves inside and lands and buries a left hook to the ribs, but Ayala fires back and lands a huge hook to the head of Jackson.

Jackson moves in and lands a huge hook, and down goes Ayala for the second time tonight!

Russell moves in for the count…..








He’s up!  Ayala staggers toward Jackson.  Russell’s going to let this one continue!  Jackson moves in and senses he can end it right now.

Jackson lands a big right hand and lands a right cross to the head of Ayala. Jackson lands a vicious combination to the body and head of Ayala. Blood gushes from his nose again and Russell moves in and calls a halt to the action. He brings Ayala to the ringside doctor once again. Doctor Robbins says the nose is too badly broken to allow Ayala to continue!  He’s calling the fight due to the damage to the nose of Ayala despite the protest of the Ayala corner.

We go up to the ring and Jimmy Lennon Jr…..

The winner by technical knockout at 2:23 of the fourth round,  and still WBC Jr Middleweight Champion….Julian “The Hawk” Jackson!


Title Bout Championship Boxing Computer Simulation

The program used to simulate The Boxing Magazine.com  dream fights runs in compiled basic.  It consists of several thousand lines of code and over two-dozen routines and sub-routines – cross checking factors such as, ring position, the fighter’s physical condition, accumulated damage, status of cuts and any special strategies that may be employed.  Almost 100 variables are constantly monitored during a given fight.

3 Responses to “Dream Fight: Julian Jackson vs. Tony Ayala, Jr.”

  1. cam beaton says:

    No f****ing way. Tony was destroying everyone before he went to jail. He would have handled Jackson easy.

  2. MikeHanson says:

    That’s funny … I loved Ayala Jr. but he was fighting a collection of stiffs before going to prison. He hadn’t faced anyone close to Jackson’s level. His two best wins were over Robbie Epps and Carlos Herrera who were D+ type fighters.

    Hard to tell how this fight would have gone because when Ayala went to prison Jackson was just as green. We know how Jackson ended up but no one knows what Ayala would have done against better competition. Too bad we never got to find out

  3. Jim Gustafson says:

    Thanks. This was a good read. I had the honor of seeing “The Hawk” win his first world title, against In-Chul Baek. Baek was no stiff. In fact, although not well known, he was a pretty good, heavy-handed fighter. However, Jackson took him out within three. Wow, I can still see Jackson landing his thudding blows! The man from the US Virgin Islands could really swat. Check out fights from his prime–like against Buster Drayton and Herol Graham–and you’ll see his frightening power. Yes, a fight with “El Torito” would’ve had the crowd on their feet, but Ayala wouldn’t have been on his feet for long. Tony would’ve lasted two rounds at the very most. Kinda weird match-up in a way ’cause Julian Jackson was one of the nicest fighters ever, and Ayala . . . well . . . .

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